Where It All Starts.

okay, i’m tired of constantly having to worry about others and, listening to people say that they will be there. i heard it so much to the point where i’m starting not to care. which is not the best for your last year of Middle school. yeah, i said it. i’m worrying about all this and, don’t even have to pay any bills. i wonder how this year is going to start and, finish. i honestly don’t want to look at that school anymore. i’m not with any of my close friends, and i can’t even say that cause i don’t even know who my friends are until i really need them.


New YouTube channel design – OUT NOW!

Modern Geek Media

The new YouTube Channel design has been released for all users, and is the best layout yet. Users can now link all wanted socail media sites and other links, right from the cover photo. It is now also easier to search for the video you want, with the search for tags now available. Take a look at this video of iJustine guiding us through it:

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